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Carlon Box Upgrade: How it Works

Carlon Flush Outlet System

FLUSHTEK now offers users the option to install flush outlets with Carlon old work boxes. These boxes are self-centering and install without screws, making the FLUSHTEK process even faster and easier. Users who already own a System Pack can purchase a Spare Box Template (select the "Lutron/Carlon" model) to make their System Pack compatible with Carlon Boxes.

Note that when using this Carlon template, the overall recess depth needs to be adjusted to achieve a flush install. See the instructions below:

  • Follow steps 1-3 as described on our How it Works page.
  • For step 4, DO NOT use the depth gauge on the Faceplate Template—instead, set your depth using the engraved line on the Spare Box Template shown in the image below.
Carlon Flush Outlet
  • Once the correct depth is set, follow the template as you did in step 3 to complete the recess.
  • Follow steps 5-7 substituting your new Carlon Box Template for the standard Box Template, and install a plastic Carlon Box instead of a metal Raco Box.

And that's it! We're sure you'll find using Carlon boxes to be faster, easier, and best of all cheaper! As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions. Happy routing!