New Paint-to-Match Wood Outlet Covers Are LIVE!

How to Install Wood Veneer Outlet Covers

FLUSHTEK Wood Veneer Outlet Covers provide homeowners and contractors with an beautiful and inexpensive way to make outlets completely disappear! Below are a few quick tips to make the install super quick and easy.

Oak Outlet Cover for Hidden Electrical Outlet

Always consult your local AHJ or consult an Electrical Engineer before installing FLUSHTEK Wood Veneer Outlet Covers.

Step 1: Veneer Selection & Prep

Start by selecting the best veneer match to your adjacent construction, comparing the grain pattern against the surrounding material.

Once you have chosen the veneer, prepare your Lutron Claro Faceplate by separating the finish cover from it's backing and cleaning its face with isopropyl alcohol.

With the faceplate nearby, lay the veneer face-down on a flat surface. Using your fingernail or a utility knife, peel the adhesive's backing. Work slowly across the width of the part as to not rip the backing during removal.

Step 2: Align & Adhere

Once you've removed the adhesive backing, hold the veneer and the faceplate vertically adjacent to one another on a flat, level surface, making sure to not let them touch.

Once the veneer and faceplate are aligned and their bottom edges are resting on the flat surface, slowly bring one of their vertical sides closer. Ensure that the parts remain vertical and aligned and begin to join along the closest edge. You will not be able to reposition the veneer once full-contact is made, so make sure everything is aligned correctly before completely adhering the parts.

Once the parts are adhered, lay the faceplate face-down and apply pressure around the entire area to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 3: Join with Faceplate & Install

Once your veneer is aligned and adhered to your finish faceplate, you can snap it back onto the faceplate base. Your faceplate is now ready to install over a Flushtek installed Lutron Claro Outlet!

Even with the veneer adhered, the process to remove the finish faceplate is the same. Simply slide a credit card or use your fingers to pry the two pieces apart until the integrated hooks separate.

Your Wood Veneer Outlet is now ready for Installation!

⚠ Always Check Alignment ⚠

Before electrification or use, confirm that the applied veneer aligns correctly with the device. Do not use if the veneer's pre-cut holes are overlapping the receptacle's socket holes—test fit each installation by partially inserting a plug into the device (prior to electrification) and confirming that the metallic prongs are not making contact with the veneer.