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Which outlets are compatible with the FLUSHTEK System?

The FLUSHTEK System is designed around Lutron Claro® 1-gang faceplates, which are compatible with all Lutron Claro® devices, including switches.  For more information visit the Lutron Claro® Webpage or our Recommended Products Page for more information.

Which backboxes are compatible with the FLUSHTEK System?

The FLUSHTEK System is designed to utilize Metal "Old Work" Boxes with plaster ears.  These style boxes are available at most hardware stores and Home Depots.  The RACO 420 is a widely available box that works great.  See our Recommended Products Page for additional information.

Do I need to use a specific router bit with the FLUSHTEK System?

Each FLUSHTEK System Pack includes a 5/16"-1/2" offset template bit; the only bit required for installation.  You can also utilize a 5/16" bit with a 1/2" router bushing if preferred,  as long as the bushing is less than 1/4" in height.  Other 5/16"-1/2" offset bits are not recommended.

Can I purchase replacement FLUSHTEK System parts Individually?

The FLUSHTEK System is designed to withstand repeated use and is warrantied for at least 100 cuts.  However, if your template is damaged by mistake it's easy to just replace the part you need, or even buy spares.  See our Replacement Faceplate Page for more info.

My FLUSHTEK Faceplate Template won't fit into the Template Base.

FLUSHTEK templates are machined to very precise tolerances, and
often require a few "break-in" uses to achieve a comfortable fit
between the Template Base and Faceplate Template. Fluctuations in ambient temperature can also affect fit - if you find that your Faceplate Template does not seat correctly, place it in the freezer. Once cold, insert and remove the part multiple times to facilitate the "break-in" process.

My outlet isn't sitting flush with the adjacent material.

The main factors that affect the depth of the faceplate within the recess are junction box manufacturing tolerances and anchor type/placement. We recommend users to always conduct a test installation using the exact model & type of outlet, junction box, and anchors. Observe how the test installation sits in reference to the adjacent material and make adjustments to the PASS 2 depth as necessary - going deeper if the outlet is proud or shallower if the outlet is recessed.

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