Bseboard outlets are easy with the Flushtek Template System, just align and cut for a perfectly hidden, modern outlet every time.

Designed to be Easy

The FLUSHTEK system is packed with intuitive features that make outlet integration quick and easy.

A. Computer-Milled High Density Polyurethane is extremely tough, yet won't damage your work. Everything is engraved to ensure the template will standup to repeated use.

B. FLUSHTEK's unique shape is a result of integrated centering for common trim sizes. Just align the engraved edges of the template to your 8", 7.25", 6", 5.5" or 5" boards for perfect centering every time. Engraved Centerlines make alignment on large stock just as easy.

C. Drilling a relief hole through the "Box" guide let's you skip the added complexity of a plunge router; its position is already aligned over the cut.

D. Measure your bit depth against the "PASS" guides on the template and take the guesswork out of cutting!

E. Just align your bit to the "BOX" guide when you're ready to cutout the J-Box pocket.

F. Accurately center the J-box with the template body to assure perfectly centered, flush outlets.

Upgrade Your Lutron Outlets by integrating them into Baseboard, Cabinets, and Trim.  Our template makes modern, flush outlets easy.
The Flushtek Outlet Template makes it easy to hide Outlets in all sizes of Trim and Baseboards, just follow them engraved markings along the edges.
Modern Hidden Outlets made for DIY Builders, just follow the template to create perfect integration every time.
Flushtek Hidden Outlets are hassle-free, our engraved template helps you align the outlet and junction box on baseboards, cabinetry, and trim.
FLUSHTEK System Pack
FLUSHTEK System Pack
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