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New Features: LC-4.2 Makes Baseboard Outlets Easy

Improvements & Developments
Often it takes a lot of work to make something that's easy to use. This is the promise of good product design: that the hours spent designing, modeling, testing, and prototyping are an investment in the eventual time saved by each of the product's users. The FLUSHTEK System has been through many iterations, and we feel it's most recent is by far the best.  Check out the design's features in the blog post below:
Baseboard Outlet Template with intuitive, time-saving features
The LC-4.2 is also explained on our New Features Page, but for those of you interested in the product development, keep reading below.


Designed to Make Baseboard Outlets Easy

Any Trim: The first major challenge for the FLUSHTEK system was coming up with a template that could be adaptable.  We didn't want something that was great for baseboards but didn't work for desks or cabinets.  We also wanted to stay away from the Trufig receptacle or Bocci outlet model, where you need to buy specific parts depending on the installation.  Our solution was to create a versatile and flexible template based system.  We started by taking our template center lines and offsetting them to accommodate five common trim sizes: 5", 5 1/2" (6" nominal), 6", 7 1/4" (8" nominal), and 8".  If you're using one of these common trim sizes for your base, cabinet, or wall trim all you need to do is align the template to the corresponding edge and you're centered.  For anything outside of these dimensions we've got clear center lines on the inside and outside of the template base. Just align with your center-point and you're set. 

Combining Instruction & Use: Another major design driver of the FLUSHTEK system was to identify and remove any opportunities for human error or confusion.  Obviously anyone reading this would never make a mistake, but it's good to know that the team here has your back.  Every step of the process that requires adjustment has a physical indicator to make sure you never need to guess or measure to get perfect flush outlets.  Pass depths are clearly marked so that the outlet will sit wonderfully flush in your baseboard or cabinet.

Baseboard Outlet Junction Box Centering

Hard Parts, Made Easy: Even our template base is designed to make the fine details easy.  During prototyping, we noticed that the most delicate part was installing the junction box perfectly centered on the flush recess,  The boxes are usually manufactured with pretty poor tolerances: they're rarely plumb and their outside dimensions are all over the place.  We couldn't let this to prevent a perfectly installed outlet, so we focused on the most important part of the box, it's receptacle mounting holes.  These are standardized  (they need to accommodate many different outlet types) and by centering these, you center your installation.  That's why the FLUSHTEK system has guides to "Align Box Holes" on the template base, so that you can drop it in and get a perfect alignment.  

Perfectly Centered Baseboard Outlets

Step 6 from our thorough How it Works Page.

The Right Materials for the Job: The FLUSHTEK system is designed to give you perfect cuts, time after time.  That's why we opted to use tight-tolerance manufacturing and high-strength plastics.  Even the two-part template is designed to ensure the longevity of the system.  During prototyping, we had a few zealous testers run their routers into the template edge.  Plastic meant the router bit remained intact and only a single part of the system required replacement.  Accidents happen, and it shouldn't mean you need to buy a whole new system!

FLUSHTEK is a system based on accessibility to everyone.  It's not like Trufig or Bocci outlets than can only be ordered and installed through a contractor.  Our system makes beautiful outlets an option for everyone.
As always, thanks for your interest and thanks for tuning in.  Dive deeper into our Previous Posts or check out our FLUSHTEK System Pack for Purchase.

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