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Farmhouse Update: Flush Baseboard Outlets In-Progress!

Flush Baseboard Outlets for a Pennsylvania Farmhouse: January Update
Ever since our mid-January blog post, we've kept in close contact with the user renovating his family's old farmhouse in Northern Pennsylvania. The renovation is going great, so we thought we'd provide an update to the process and share more of the photos.  Check them out below!
Flush Outlet Installation in Basebard, Template progress shot
Check out the FLUSHTEK in action!  This is a follow up to our post in January, with new photos and a more detailed description of the process.  Flush baseboard don't get easier than this!


From Farmhouse to Flush Outlets


Process Refresher: Our renovator provided us with an excellent set of photos documenting every step of the process, so we thought it'd be a great opportunity to run-through the ordinary user's FLUSHTEK process.  Read on below:

Step 1: Because this is a renovation, the process began with putting up interior framing and then identifying the stud bays where outlets would go.  The electrician then routed Romex to each of the selected bays and left 24" pigtails.  The above image shows the space after the framer and painter had finished, with the Romex pigtails poking out of the framed and painted wall.  The  reclaimed pine baseboards are also visible in the foreground.


Above: a view of the space and the renovator's first FLUSHTEK mockup.  The installed pigtails are visible through the completed drywall.

Step 2: Our renovator then cut his first piece of baseboard to size, marked out the horizontal centerline of the outlet, and aligned the FLUSHTEK system. This set him up to rout a perfect pocket & cutout using our online instructions.

Baseboard Outlet Junction Box Template   Flush Baseboard Outlet Template Installation

Step 3: Using the baseboard as a template, he then locally removed the drywall behind the baseboard to provide clearance for the J-Box depth.

Step 4: With J-Box installed, our renovator fed the wire and installed the baseboard with glue, nails, and screws into the studs adjacent the outlet.  Everything is ready for the electrician to make the final connection!


Notes on the FLUSHTEK Process: We're constantly striving to better our product and make the experience easier, safer, and more intuitive.  Getting direct feedback from our users is the number one way we improve ourselves, so even after all of these fantastic photos, we also had to ask this user the hard question: what would you change about FLUSHTEK?  Some of his remarks are below, check it out

  •  Not really a change, but I would definitely emphasize that the user should anticipate the router clearance when setting the clamps, during my first set-up I felt like I could have used a touch more spacing between the clamp and template
  • The first time I forgot to run it at the "PASS 2" depth.  Maybe it would be helpful to clear up the nomenclature on the clear template?
    • We're looking at a clearer way to articulate the different passes, look out for it in the next launch!
  • I suspect that deeper metal boxes are going to be preferred.  The ROMEX is pretty big and some boxes have multiple runs going in and out, especially with switched outlets. Our electrician uses these plastic bushings to interface between the ROMEX and the metal boxes
  • Can you offset the template for use of two-gang wall plates?
    • Definitely!  Just mark out your original length centerline and then shift the template 1 13/16" over, keeping the horizontal centerline the same.  You'll need to get creative with the J-box cutouts though!

Despite these items, he continues to be extremely excited about the system.  As mentioned in our last post, our Renovator is also an Architect, meaning the aesthetics of the project were the highest priority.  With FLUSHTEK he was able to do it himself and get the beautiful, seamless elegance of Trufig or Bocci without the excessive cost or complicated install. 


Be sure to check out the pages below to read more about similar projects, home renovation questions, or get more information on how FLUSHTEK works!

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