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Farmhouse Remodel: Flush Baseboard Outlet Install!

Do it Yourself Modern Farmhouse Renovation Details
Modern Farmhouse Renovation: Flush Baseboard Outlet Install
We've received an updated set of progress photos from our FLUSHTEK user down in Northern Pennsylvania and things are really starting to take shape!  As some of you may know, we've been keeping in touch with him since his FLUSHTEK purchase and following the installation of flush baseboard outlets closely. We'll give a quick overview of the project below, but you can also check out our previous posts below to get the full project summary!
 Hidden Outlet Installation Process Photo
We're closely following this Architect's renovation of his family farmhouse; the combination of modern details and refinished elements is looking incredible!  Because the process has been so easy, he's putting them in everywhere!


Baseboard Outlet Install: Process Refresher and Update


Project Breakdown: As many of you might remember, this particular renovation started with an old family farmhouse in Northern Pennsylvania.  The owner inherited the property from his grandparents and has been planning the property's modern renovation for years.  He's also an architect, and in his professional work he'd always spec'd baseboard outlets for clients.  Often they'd use Bocci or Trufig receptacles, but he knew those would be way too  expensive to do for his own home.

Fortunately, he came across our template and with FLUSHTEK, everything changed.  Our system made his dream of flush baseboard outlets so effortless that he's gone and installed them throughout the entire home!  Check out the progress!

Baseboard Outlet Installation Process

 Our renovator has opted to use FLUSHTEK on almost every outlet in the house; so you KNOW it's easy!

Installation Process: The basic process for a Remodel like this is laid out below, but don't forget to check out our early February post if you want more detailed information!

  1. This project is based around a brick building, so the first step was insulating the exterior walls and putting up new stud-framing.
  2. Our user then worked with an electrician to identify outlet, switch, and data locations throughout the home.  For those that would use FLUSHTEK, the electrician ran romex to the sillplate and left 18" tails to connect the devices at a later date.
  3. After the drywall went up, the renovator cut trim and used the FLUSHTEK System Pack to create perfect recesses for his flush outlets and corresponding J-boxes.  This is where we left-off on our previous post, and you can see a bit more detailed photos of this step below.
  4. The electrician returned to make connections and install devices.  Most of the mess-work is complete, and you can start to see the finishes coming through!
  5. Last step is to install the faceplates and admire!

Baseboard Outlet Installation Prep   How to Install a Baseboard Outlet   Baseboard Outlet Installation Tips

An important step in the FLUSHTEK process is locally removing drywall to make space for the Junction Box. You can see the electrician used a box nail to keep the wiring in place during sheetrock installation.

Hidden Baseboard Outlet Installation


Baseboard Outlet Box Installation Tutorial

     Using Trufig or Bocci outlets would have cost a fortune, but with FLUSHTEK the process is fast, cheap, and easy.


    Modern Details Make this Renovation


    As you can see, our renovator is getting super close to the finish line with this project, with many spaces starting to come together!  Aside from a happy customer and another seamless installation, there's a particular elegance to this project that is important to highlight.  This combination of modern details and natural materials, acutely prominent at the intersection of floor and wall, is wonderful!  The refinished Douglas Fir floorboards have so much life and energy - they're the perfect contrast to the luxurious precision and understated quiet of the FLUSHTEK detail. 

    Just like our obsession with Flush Baseboards, we love flush outlets because it's one of those magical moments designers adore: where rooms can become simpler and richer simultaneously.  Needless to say, we are very excited about seeing this project finished.  You can already tell it's going to be incredible!



    As always, thanks for reading, check out the pages below to learn more about how you can get beautiful flush outlets in your next project!


    • Looks interesting, would like to find out more about the product.

      Alvin Blades
    • Is it possible to do the routing without removing the baseboard? I have an old house and ideally I’d like to just route in place then put in a box

      Stuart Tett
    • Hi Rupert, great question. We typically recommend that users have a 5" minimum base size, although you can get away with less depending on the position of the sole plate in relation to the finish floor. If your 3/4" finish floor was installed after framing then a baseboard height of 4" (actual dimension) would provide enough space for the outlet and just clear the plate within the wall. Hope this helps!

      Flushtek Support
    • hello, can you tell me the recommended thickness and height of the baseboards…i would like the absolute least amount we can get away with…thank you


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