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Flush Outlets for Makers: Liberty Labs Tour in NYC

Woodworking Template for Flush Baseboard Outlets
Everything DIY: the Modern Maker
In a few of our previous posts, we highlighted two prominent FLUSHTEK user groups.  Back in January we showcased a design-build contractor who used our template to solve a tricky power condition in brick.  And of course, there's our Architect/Renovator in Pennsylvania who we've been following-up with periodically.  This week, we're focusing in on another user typology, "the Maker."
DIY Flush Outlets for Makers
Our first hand-delivery, this FLUSHTEK order was coupled with an extensive shop tour of the Liberty Labs foundation in Redhook, Brooklyn. Users here often fall under the broad term "Maker"
What makes a maker? In our experience, a maker is someone who's always building-as-experiment and isn't limited by distinctions between trades.  Part architect, contractor, carpenter, artist, seamster; their baseline is an unbridled excitement to learn and an interest in an infinite variety of project types.
the Maker at work
Julien fits this description well.  He went to architecture school, is now working as a contractor building big projects in the city, all while still managing to maintain a desk at the prestigious Liberty Labs Foundation. Earlier this year, we had the chance to tour the foundation with Julien playing host, all spurred by his purchase of the FLUSHTEK System Pack for his parents' house in New Jersey.



DIY Flush Outlet Design Template

The Space: Shared Tools and Shared Purpose


A bit of history about the place, it's a non-profit started in 2015, with the goal of supporting small creative-based businesses.  It offers shared shop and studio space to combat the poor infrastructure and extreme expense typically associated with workshop space in NYC.  As you might have guessed, the work here is of a very high caliber.
DIY Flush Outlet for Modern Design
DIY Baseboard Flush Outlet Tool
The tool list is extensive: two table saws, two bandsaws, panel saw, CNC, wood lathe, ample space for glue-ups and fab, plus a fully equipped metal shop.  Probably the coolest amenity is a bit unexpected: a wood-burning fireplace.  It's importance is apt, because really the most exciting thing about Liberty Labs is the community.  As we walked around, everyone was checking-in, chatting, offering to help - it was like a utopic shop dream!
Flush Baseboard Outlet Template
The Liberty Labs Fireplace
FLUSHTEK Hot Tip: Carpet Tape
The tour culminated with an in-person demo of the FLUSHTEK system and an incredible tip for us and all FT users!  Carpet Tape! Julien uses it to affix all of his temporary jigs or templates, and it solved our problem of clamp-clearance for his oversized router base.  Can't say we're surprised learning something from a visit like this!
 Do it Yourself Flush outlet Tips
Nashua Carpet Tape is a Maker's best friend!


We hope you enjoyed this tour of Liberty Labs as much as we did! For more FLUSHTEK content, check out our blog and Instagram linked below. 

Finally, if you're new to the site and curious about the system, have a look at these pages to see what you've been missing!


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